Free Poetry | I’m Being Published!

Last week I heard back on one of my submissions. And after a few edits, I’m pleased to say that I have a poem coming out in Rune Bear’s weekly series on September 17th!

Rune Bear is an online speculative fiction literary magazine (that I highly recommend, especially since it’s free).

The poem is called “They say we die twice.” I’ve been looking to give it a home, and it finally has one. It’s one of my favorite poems that I’ve written and has a dark, mysterious, and sci-fi theme that encompasses much of what I love about poetry.

For all the writers out there, I would recommend submitting to Rune Bear (and not just because they are publishing one of my pieces). Rune Bear has a great response time (only a few weeks), and they were professional and prompt in their communications. Plus, submitting shorter pieces to different publications is a great way to be published while you work on a longer project (like a manuscript).

Check out my poem soon (sept. 17th)! And in the meantime, here’s another poem I wrote that you can read for free.


7 thoughts on “Free Poetry | I’m Being Published!

    1. Thanks!
      I was really impressed with Rune Bear’s response time, especially when compared to many (if not most) publications that have a response time of over a month (and sometimes several months). Best of luck! And I’d love to hear how it goes!
      And thanks for checking out my blog!

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