The Best 4 Writing Blogs for the Serious Writer

Ready to submit your manuscript or short story? Are you slaving away over writing and revising your manuscript? Are you serious about your writing? These blogs will help you along your writing journey. They are packed full of publishing and writing industry advice, writing tips, and the occasional business suggestion for writers.

1. Jane Friedman

Jane Friedman worked in publishing for 20 years, and now, she’s sharing what she’s learned. With articles on topics like how to get published, how to self-publish, and how to find an agent, Jane’s blog is a must-follow for any writer who wants to be published. Subscribe to her email newsletter Electric Speed for bonus information on tools for writers. I read Electric Speed on its ever-other-Saturday publication date, and I always am amazed at all the different resources that exist. And I quite enjoy that Friedman asks for and incorporates her readers’ recommendations on resources, from writing tools to recipes.

2. Writer Beware

Anywhere there’s money to be made, somebody is creating a scam. Avoid falling victim to a publishing scam with Writer Beware. This blog has your back with posts on fake literary agencies, shady publishers, and other lurking cons—along with plenty of information on how to identify which publishers and agents are legitimate. I pop over to Writer Beware every so often to catch up on some of the new and different ways that scammers are targeting writers.

3. Writer’s Digest

Most of you have probably heard of Writer’s Digest magazine, but did you know they have a website with free articles? Beyond just publishing advice, they have posts on writing tips, the revision process, and writing trends. It’s a great way to stay in touch with the writing industry without hurting your wallet.

4. Grammar Girl

You need to know the rules so you know when to break the rules. Grammar Girl is one of my favorite blogs of all time. It is an understandable and practical guide to the nitty gritty parts of writing. Want to know whether to use “ban together” or “band together?” What about “canceled” versus “cancelled?” Not only does she explain grammar rules, she also explains why we have many of these rules. This history behind English is why I love reading Grammar Girl’s posts on grammar rules that I’m already familiar with—so I can get the full scoop behind the rule. It’s a blog I use both for reference and for fun. As a bonus, she has an award-winning podcast, too.

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